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Manicure Singapore

– The Fashion and Style of Manicures and Pedicures in the Country

Manicure and pedicure

are essential not only for vanity, but also for hygiene purposes. Displaying dirty nails is not a good practice and people will see you as a person who doesn’t care for her or himself. That is why it is important to have your fingernails and toenails cleaned and polished regularly. Do not let them grow unkempt as it is not really attractive. Dirty fingernails and toenails are unhygienic and at the same time, not pleasing in the eyes.

What Do Nails Need?

Your nails need proper attention and care. If not properly cared for, nails may suffer from fungal or bacterial infection that can have complications when left unattended. Caring for your nails means trimming them regularly, cleaning the corners, and filing the edges. While these can be done at home using special tools, it is safer if you seek the help of a professional to do your nails for you. Another plus of getting your nails cleaned and pampered at a nearby Holland nail salon is that you have more options for what you will do with your nails. If you are planning to have a manicure Singapore really soon, you should know that there are various types of this process. A manicure is the way of cleaning and polishing the nails on the fingers, while a pedicure Singapore is the way of cleaning and polishing the nails of the toes.

There are various types of manicures and pedicure services. Most manicures have similar steps at the beginning, like applying a cuticle softener and lightly brushing the top of the nails to remove any dirt. Most manicures also require trimming of the nails for a more uniform look.



Manicures can be considered limitless when it comes to options. To help you get an idea, here are some of the popular manicures that can make your nails and hands neat and more attractive. Please note that some of these Orchard manicure types can also be used for pedicure Singapore:

Basic. A manicure is called ‘basic’ when it doesn’t have any extras. For instance, the process just involves cleaning – softening of the cuticles, soaking, trimming, and if you choose to wear color, applying of acrylic nails Singapore polish. A top coat is usually applied regardless if you have color polish or not.

French Manicure. A French manicure involves basic cleaning, but the nail polish is usually a very pale pink, beige, or clear only. In addition, the tips are applied with white polish. It is a very clean-looking look that is ideal for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

Reverse French Manicure. Another manicure in Singapore that is growing popularity is the reverse French manicure. Singaporeans love the high-fashion look that the reverse French brings. This style is just like the french one, but as the name states, it is reversed. The moon of the nail is painted white instead of the tip. The other way to do this is to paint the nail with an all-white polish and add a strip of shade along the tip. Popular choices for tip color are black, wine, yellow and pink, depending on the season.

Acrylic nails / Gel Manicure

can be hard to maintain, with the potential for damage as early as 2-3 days after your manicure. On the other hand, gel manicure in Singapore provides a long lasting polish since it is less prone to chipping. Like any other manicure in Singapore, a gel manicure starts with the basic cleaning and then finished with a gel coating that lasts longer compared to acrylic nail polish.

Paraffin Manicure. If your hands are dry or overworked, it is advised that you get a paraffin manicure. This kind of manicure involves soaking the hands into paraffin wax to infuse moisture instantly into the skin, resulting in a supple and smoother texture. A hand massage is usually included to stimulate tired hands and then finished with a basic manicure. Some treatments may include essential oils like grapeseed for added moisturising effect.

Hot Stone Manicure. If you want an ultra-pampering manicure in Singapore, consider having a hot stone manicure. This treatment has all the indulgence of a basic manicure plus more. The process involves using heated stones, which are placed over the hands, providing comfort and relief.

Shellac Manicure. Like gel manicure, a shellac manicure lasts longer than acrylic manicure plus, it has the benefits of making your nails stronger. The process involves basic manicure steps and then the nails are applied with a special base coat, which is then followed with two coats of shellac polish plus a top coat to finish it off. In between coats, the polish is cured using a nail polish dryer. This process can also be done with pedicure services Singapore.

Mirror Manicure. One of the newest trends in manicure and pedicure in Singapore is the mirror manicure. The trend was popularized by Pinterest and was even featured by a famous Asian magazine. The mirror manicure starts with basic cleaning, in which the nails are shaped uniformly. A lack polish coating is applied. Curing and buffing follow. After that, a top coat is applied and once again cured and buffed. The shiny mirror effect is the effect of the final gel top coat.

Vinylux Manicure. Forget about the boring, traditional manicure services and be ready for this brand new style. Dubbed as “the 1-week manicure”, this process is designed to have a staying power of at least one week. Vinylux is not that complicated; it doesn’t even involve applying a base coat. Hence, it is a simpler and faster process and the polish can be easily removed using a regular polish remover.

Manicure with Embellishments. To add an extra appeal on nails, you can ask your manicure service in Singapore to add embellishments or designs. Rhinestones and artificial gems are commonly used for this, particularly for special occasions. Nail arts or nail paintings are cool choices, especially for teens and young adults. Airbrush, stickers, 3-D designs, and gold paints are used to design nails, too.

Choosing the Right Salon for Your Perfect Manicure

Manicure and pedicure will never be perfect if you do not have the perfect salon to do it for you. Choose a professional manicurist that has extensive experience and training to make sure that your manicure in Singapore and pedicure will turn out great and at the same time safe. Sometimes, the nail bed can get infected when the tools used in cleaning the nails are not sterilized well.

When choosing an Orchard nail salon, choose the one with a clean environment, well-trained staff, and uses tools that are sterilized regularly. Check if the products used, such as soaks, oils, polish remover, and nail polishes are of high quality. Creativity is also a plus, since an artistic input especially on nail arts is a must.

The Holland Village Manicure is a highly-acclaimed nail salon that offers basic manicure and Holland village pedicure for men and women. They also have French, Paraffin and Acrylic manicures, as well as repolishing and nail art services. They also offer non-nail services like waxing and callus treatment.


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